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Sep. 2nd, 2010

I didn't know I still had a livejournal! *shame, shame*
Eventually, I'll clean this up and try to make it just a sketchblog. But, I doubt it. /forgetful
Anyways, apparently, I have know how to draw on my tablet now. HURRAH! So, yeah. Enjoy those drawings.



that anatomy really doesn't get you anywhere. And it was REALLY messy beforehand.

they are totally not cosplaying. This is some serious buisness they're in! But Ema look's pretty badass here.

I... I have no idea why she'd think that.

Yeah. You can see who my fave character is.

... don't ask about this one, okay? I was drunk and bored and... drunk.

I think I failed at lj-posting. *shame


I'm sorry, I haven't been updating this. Mostly because I'm a pathetic girl with a normal boring life. (boo hoo)

I just want to say that this journal might turn into a first impressions one because I hate how peer pressure's gotten into me. And I've been wasting all my non-life time on deviantART (number one stalker is number one.)

Don't worry. I'll post more this week.

Oct. 19th, 2009

Why is everyone all happy today and I feel like crap?

Seriously, today was practically the worst day of my life. I had the most wicked headache and foot sprains in like, forever! I had to interrupt my teachings until Period 6, where's I was like "No, screw it, I'm going home." For some reason, eating cured my headache. But I still have this nasty cough.

And my parents are mad because there's a slash on my grade in Science and Math even thought I TOLD THEM IT WOULD BE SLASHED THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Meh. I should be happy all the time. But that'll mean everyone else would be sick and stuff. wut2do

Tired of unfrequent posts yet?

I know I am.

But, seriously, back to buisness. So, there's this community here called supercharitygo and they're raising money for helping people in the Philippines after and before a typhoon. Since I'm just a sucker for these kind of stuff, I went ahead and became a volenteer artist! Yays! So, it you want, you can join, or ask comissions. There's not just art, people also charge for fanfiction and music and LJ icons and anything, really, so it's effin' awesome.

Yeah, my life is pretty boring. Mainly because I've been getting a b average on everything but the dreaded GYM. *can't run to save her life.* That's why i don't post often (i should.)

Also? This.
I've gotten like, 127 In my run. Considering I've been at HR for almost a year, it's pretty good.
Considering I've gotten to pace of lifetime fans, I FAIL.

More Kanon Faggatory

Please excuse animu talk. It's all KHF's fault.

I'm almost at episode 10 of Kanon 2006 and... wow, Jack's right. It's a great series. Compared to other animes I watch (and it's mostly high school and kinda ecchi stuff) this seems awesome and clean. It's like Avatar!.... only it's not adventurous and it has not much of a fanbase... and barely anyone bitches about it.
... but still, it's tearjerking at best and comedic at worse (which means it's all good)

And might I add this?


Yeah, Nayuki is the best blue haired kinky quite anime girl ever. I love her.

Is it the end of September? Really? Cause I thought it was the beginning of August!... mrph... I hate you California some times...

I have been glasses-less for like, the last ten hours, and it's all thanks to the klutz that is me. Why can't I just keep my glasses somewhere in dry land? Agrh!

Meh, I'm just whining about how stupid I looked with half a frame at school. I just gotta write something in this danm journal.


Ah, Kanon. You and you're wonderful sense of humor and wonderment.

So, as you can tell, I've been watching the first episode of Kanon, and - Danm! It really is an amazing show! But, I just watch the first episode, so I don't have much to comment on. All I can say is - yes, I know how Kyon and Yuuichi are alike.... and not just in Japanese actors.

I effin' wanna watch more, but I can't find any episodes dubbed on Youtube besides 2 episodes. Help....

Danm First Day

Highschool isn't a bust, but it was annoying.

Sure, the classes were awesome, and there wasn't that stupid Tori there....

But, danm! I need a break! Now my feet hurt from walking tight white shoes, and that scrape from my knee isn't gonna cut it.

What's worse is that my Math teacher is SUPER strict. Augh... it is a little sound of strict, but it still counts.

But at least I'm still at ochestra, And I can play the bass parts with an electric keyboard. Awesome to the max, man!

Don't Stop screaming, Mikuru-chan

I've been listening to Mikuru for the past 4 hours! Jeez, California, you and your fire spouts are just jailing me in my house!

And my head hurts and I'm worried about the dentist. And my brother's bothering me... and a million other wrong things!

Come to think of, I really do wish I can go to school right now. It is THAT boring. And annoying.


You know how dentists are suppose to make your teeth unpainful?

Mabye that just applied to my Mom, because the left side just feels so numb. Eww.

And since this day (like all days here) is hotter than the sun and stars, my little brother keeps pestering me to watch my DVD, and pullin' my hair. Get OFF me!

*sigh* I hate the water droughts...